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I would like to open breakfast section sharing with you my last "creation". Preparing and eating my breakfast make me feel so happy. I imagine it from my bed and every morning that is the first reason that makes me stand up!
So, that's why, even when the "recipe" is so simple, I like to share it and let you taste it by yourselves. Maybe it improves your morning!

In that case, it was right after training, by half morning, and I found I needed many energy for recovering. Then, I mixed different types of food and include a little bit more of fats and fiber. That's why I called Ikaika Mana. It's pure morning energy that feels so good! 

I explain it very easy, just in case you are gonna read it in the morning haha! I hope you like it and get inspired to do it your own. I complete the bowl with orange juice, because there is never too much fruit for a breakfast :)


For the base:

Muesli (2 tablespoons)
Strawberries (3 or 4 u.)
Walnuts (1 tablespoon)

For topping:

Bananas (2u.)
Cocoa powder (2 tablespoons)
Almond milk (1 cup)
Rolled oats (1 tablespoon)
Soy protein powder (optional, 1 teaspoon)
Chia seeds (1 tablespoon)

How to do it:

1.  Put muesli in a bowl.

2. Cut the strawberries by putting them on top.

3. Add walnuts and mix it.

4. Put in the mixer bananas, cocoa powder, almond milk, rolled oats and soy protein powder. Shake it.

5. Put the shake on the bowl.

6. Top it with chia seeds.

7. Enjoy it! :)

Why is it so healthy?

1. Food balance. It is really important to combine carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and proteins. And it's better when they come from different sources.
2. Chia seeds. They are awesome. With only one tablespoon we get about 3g. of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (70% approx.), and it contents Omega 3, calcium and magnesium. It is, in fact, the most important vegetal source of Omega 3, that, as we know, it is interesting for heart health.

3. Perfect for recovery. For example, chocolate, almond milk and walnuts have fats, one of the main nutrients that muscles need after training. And muesli contents carbohydrates, important on the firsts moments for recovery too.

4.  High in fiber. Muesli, walnuts and rolled oats contents many insoluble fiber, that absorbs water and it's good, for example, for expelling cholesterol. And     bananas are rich in pecticin, that helps to improve digestion. 

5. Good for defenses and for your balanced diet! You need five pieces of fruit per day or more! With that breakfast you have vitamins for half the day :) 

6. Because of chocolate! If it makes you feel happy, it is healthier than if it doesn't. Chocolate -with no lactic shits- has many good properties in moderation and it is actually convenient for vegans because of the fats. Isn't it a good new?

→ Of course we can find many other reasons, but I think that's enough for a breakfast and it's better to save efforts for the next one. If you know about other important benefits feel free to write it down! Don't keep the secret :)


Laia Kai


  1. Quin bon esmorzar!!! Et felicito per el teu blog i et desitjo molta sort, però posa el traductor o jo u tinc molt malament...hahahaa
    Petonets milll!!

    1. Gracies mama!! En principi no la posaré perquè sino anirà lent al carregar, però al teu navegador hi has de tenir l'opció de traduïr la pàgina!! Un petonet! :)


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