Maikai pancake

Here we go with the best pancakes you've ever tasted! I'll tell you a secret... They're vegan!

Mister Marinated Tofu Toast

Hakuna matata!
Who is saying that tofu is not tasty? Buhhh... I would like to show you the recipe my mum teached me about how to marinate tofu. You need to meet... Mr. Marinated!
Even as salty breakfast or snack, or part of your lunch or dinner, you can always marinate tofu and give it your point. In that case, that could be any of this meals. Why don't to start the day with a salty breakfast? For example. You can actually prepare tofu the night before and do the toast in the morning. Let me introduce you my friend.

Ingredients: Basics: Japanese-style tofu (a 300 gr. piace) Toasts (2 u.) Veganesse (1 tablespoon)

Marinated: Soft olive oil (1/2 cup, approx. 130 ml.)
Soy sauce low in salt (1/4 cup) Secret ingredient* (1 soupspoon) Dried oregano (1 tablespoon)
Thyme (1 teaspoon) Rosemary (1 teaspoon) Grated fresh ginger (1 teaspoon) Brown sugar (1 teaspoon) White pepper (1 teaspoon) Garlic clove, peeled and carved with garlic press (1 large piece) Lemon juice (1/2 lemon piece) // Mild vinegar (equiva…

Hula - Hula Omelette

Today I let you a recipe that will make you dance! Is it possible to cook an omelette with no eggs? Of course it is!

Birds bowl

Good morning everyone!

This breakfast it's perfect for starting a long day!  It seems to be the kind of meal my dad would say is for birds... But, actually, I think it tastes very good, and, as it is not very heavy, it makes me feel flying like a bird haha! -OK, it seems a cereals advertisement; just forget it-.

Ikaika Mana

I would like to open breakfast section sharing with you my last "creation".Preparing and eating my breakfast make me feel so happy.I imagine it from my bed and every morning that is the first reason that makes me stand up!
So, that's why, even when the "recipe" is so simple, I like to share it and let you taste it by yourselves. Maybe it improves your morning!

Welcome home :)

Good evening everyone! Just starting up this new project, to share with all you some tasty recipes to live a happy and veggie life. I'll try to show you how good it feels when you are not wearing or eating suffering, practicing a conscientious and vegan life style. Then, let's make it funny! I love sharing my point of view and positive ideas with everybody, and I would like you to do the same. Here it's going to be about meals recipes, healthy life style ideas and thoughts, and some interesting facts about all this. 

About me, it was really hard the day I opened my eyes to the cruelty on food industry. I just found it normal before, maybe too difficult to change, maybe not so bad at all. One part of me didn't want to know it all, so I was just cheating myself and looking the other way. Then, one day I crashed with one short video. It was about chicks crush practice on eggs industry, one of the unlimited cruelties you can find in this kind of "factories". I cou…


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