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Good evening everyone! Just starting up this new project, to share with all you some tasty recipes to live a happy and veggie life. I'll try to show you how good it feels when you are not wearing or eating suffering, practicing a conscientious and vegan life style. Then, let's make it funny! I love sharing my point of view and positive ideas with everybody, and I would like you to do the same. Here it's going to be about meals recipes, healthy life style ideas and thoughts, and some interesting facts about all this. 

About me, it was really hard the day I opened my eyes to the cruelty on food industry. I just found it normal before, maybe too difficult to change, maybe not so bad at all. One part of me didn't want to know it all, so I was just cheating myself and looking the other way. Then, one day I crashed with one short video. It was about chicks crush practice on eggs industry, one of the unlimited cruelties you can find in this kind of "factories". I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t understand it and I started, with my heart open and really wanting to know, to look for what was happening there. I wanted to read that this was not real, but it was. At least, in US... in Europe, chicks were just dying asphyxiated and self-crushed in containers. So i found it unfair. I just cried and cried of impotence, rage and guilt. I felt I should never deserve to eat again. 

I would like to explain you that this maybe was sad, but everything turned better when I started being conscient and I stopped blaming me. I wanted to know, I accepted what it was going on and I decided to change a little bit my habits -and to stop eating commercial eggs-. Time and knowledge just turned me vegan, and right now that's when I feel better! I eat clean and happy food, with no animal suffering and 0km if possible, with all the ethic I can find. This makes me feel good, and now I know how easy is it and I would like everybody to discover it too.

And I would like to say hello to my mom: Hi mom! I asked her for help when I was shocked looking for change, because I didn't like salads or many vegetables before! And she is just the best cooker in the whole world, so I knew her help was the master key in my adventure. She was really upset and tried to dissuade me many times, but she loves me and always wanted me to eat a lot and as healthy as possible. Today, I don't know what I would have done without her. 

By the way, she has two recipes blogs in spanish: one with traditional catalan meals and some spanish meals, in which she does vegetarian ones sometimes, and also another one with vegetarian and vegan meals only! I love you, mom! <3 She did this last one for me, and for my little sister too that recently became vegetarian.

One of the reasons I opened this space is to share with everybody her vegan recipes, doing it easier to understand for non-spanish-speaker people, putting together all the vegan recipes from both sides, and making vegan her vegetarian ones. Adding also my own ones, with some influences of BBG diet program of Kayla Itsines, and another crazy and creative food experiences, I hope to give you material enough to build you own veggie life!

I wish you enjoy the content and share also your ideas and thoughts. Everybody is welcomed to participate in positive and constructive way, I would like to know your point of view. Thank you for reading and let’s go!

Laia Kai



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