Hula - Hula Omelette


Today I let you a recipe that will make you dance! Is it possible to cook an omelette with no eggs? Of course it is!

For an omelette, crepes and pancakes lover like me, it was sad to discover where the eggs come from... And I tried many times to prepare them with 'no eggs' products, that I just hate. Then, I started doing it on my own with no chemicals and just trying different recipes. Then, I found it! And I dont miss the eggs anymore.

By the way, I would like to say that this flavour is not exactly like an eggs omelette, but I'd love you to taste it. Combining the ingredients and the way to cook it, you can also do pancakes and crepes, and once you learn and get used, it turns really easy.


➩ Soy milk (1/3 cup)

➩ Plain flour (2 tablespoons)

➩ Chickpea flour (1 tablespoon)

➩ Soy Protein powder (1 teaspoon)

➩ Extra virgin olive oil (1 or 1/2 tablespoon)

➩ Salt (optional, 1 teaspoon)

How to do it:

1. Add all the ingredients but oil in a food processor and mix them till they are well combined.

2. Put the oil in the skillet and heat it. Depending on the size of your skillet you need to add less. It's important to impregnate the surface but if there's too much oil it could turns fried.

3. Put the mixure in the skillet when oil it's warm. It should looks like it's being done below. 

4. Wait until it has consistency.

5. Carefully, turn it around with an spatula. If you prefer, or you find it difficult, you can also fold it in half. Then, let it a little more and turn it around too.

6. Take it out of the stove. You need to see that it's well-done but not burned. This kind of omelette won't be tasty if it's not done enough.

7. Combine your omelette with whatever you prefer. 

Why is it so healthy?

1. It is a tasty base for both a sweet or a salty meal. In photos you can see it with Kale and tomato: Kale is high in iron and tomato in antioxidants. Bread was not necessary because omelette has carbohydrates enough, but I felt I crave it.

2. Soy milk and soy powder content many proteins. They are important for all the body, muscles, skin, hair... You should't never forget them. 

3. It has no fats -or minimum. You can add them later with seeds, for example, but you can avoid them too. By the way, if you complete this omelette with fruit and nuts you get a complete meal with nutrients of each group.

↦ I'm sure it's not the first time you see a vegan omelette, so if you have suggestions, you know more recipes or you have any question, don't doubt to share it and tell us! I feel it's always better when we discover new ways to improve and we share them, specially when it's about taking care for our planet and life.

I would like to show you all that becoming vegan it's not o complicated and traumating! It's about learning and improving, so it's actually funny.




Laia Kai 💜



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