Maikai pancake


Here we go with the best pancakes you've ever tasted! I'll tell you a secret... They're vegan!

 I ate them for the first time in my friend's home. She invite us for a coffee and prepare these delicious one for us! Of course, I asked her about the recipe, and here it is!


➩ Plain flour (1 cup)

➩ Brown sugar (2 tablespoons)

➩ Yeast (15 gr.)

➩ Salt (1 teaspoon)

➩ Soy milk (1 cup)

➩ Extra virgin olive oil (2 tablespoon)

How to do it:

1. Mix all the dry ingredients (plain flour, brown sugar, yeast and salt) in a bowl.

2. Add soy milk and olive oil.

3. Mix everything till it's soft.

4. Put some olive oil drops in a frying pan.

5. When the pan is hot, put one ladle of the mixture on it.

6. Wait for about two minutes, while it's cooked on low fire. It should turn toasted and a little stiffened by the sides.

7. Flip it over and wait for one minute more (aprox.) till it's done.

8. Take it out on a plate, and repeat the procedure till you finish the mixture!

☀ LAST STEP: decide how do you wanna eat them!! 
♡ Cut some strawberries
♡ Cut some bananas
♡ Cut any other fruit you like
♡ Take some Agave syrup/ honey/ xocolate/ cinnamon or cocoa powder / ...
♡ Mix it as you like and enjoy eating this magic Maikai pancakes! :)

Why could it be a good breakfast?

↬It contents carbohydrates and proteins, so you get energy fast!
↬Fruits have many qualities: strawberries and bananas have more C vitamin than your orange juice. 
↬It's tasty, creative, and you'll be always satisfied, as you shape it on your way depending on the day. 

For me, that's my happier breakfast, as it doesn't need many time and I enjoy it a lot. It's the perfect way I like to start my day, but also it's good on the coffee hour and everytime I get hungry and I desire something sweet. 

So, that was the Maikai pancake, a really goood pancake, myyyy favorite pancake, that I hope you love too! That you, Judit, for the recipe! :)

Laia Kai



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